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With long and painful researches i decided to use session based authentication. I am developing an Web application with .Net core as backend and React js as frontend. I recently swap Node js backend to .Net Core. I am using PostgreSQL as my database. I heard PostgreSQL is bad for keeping sessions in it because it will be slow after like 10.000 session because it doesn't use cache and queries will be problem. Then i read How to Boost PostgreSQL Cache Performance and learn PostgreSQL also has a caching mechanism and it's managable. I can't decide which way to go. Also i read using Redis in production is not allowed, so its not free i guess? Can you help me decide? Thank you.

What I have tried:

I researched about this topic a lot on articles and posts in internet.
Gerry Schmitz 25-Oct-20 12:39pm    
"I am developing" ... "10,000 sessions" ... overly optimistic and premature optimization. No one gets anything "perfect" the first go.
2 7182818 25-Oct-20 14:45pm    
do you think postgres can handle session management with like 5000 user connecting at the same time? sorry if you find this questions silly i just want to start with solid basis and i'm not planning to go massive and if i do, ofcourse i will change my way if there is any performance issue.

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