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Hello Everyone,

I am currently involved in a Project With MFC Application Property Pages:
I have two property Pages, I wanted to call the member varibale of the first property page inside the second Property Pages.
I have not much experience in the Programming Field.
Below is the example of which I am trying to do. If anyone has an idea on the same, Kindly revert. It would be a great help!!

What I have tried:


CString m_A; // memeber variable of Property Page A Edit Control Box



CString B;
CPropertyPageA PageA;
B= PageA.m_A.GetString(); // I need to store the value from the edit controlin to the
ctring B, While clicking on the Button on the Property PageB

But , I am getting Error with Link. Iam stuck at this point and not able to move forward?
Updated 27-Oct-20 4:47am
Richard MacCutchan 27-Oct-20 9:30am
"I am getting Error"
And like so many posters here, you fail to tell us what the error is, or where it occurs.
jojos learning club 27-Oct-20 9:38am
@Richard MacCutchan Actually there is no compilation error, But the string is not copied to this variable, Thats what I meant by error

1 solution

I could be wrong, but at a guess the following line is not correct in your ButtonClick function:
CPropertyPageA PageA;

You are creating a new property page object and assuming that it will refer to the existing one. But this is a different object to any page created elsewhere.

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