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This is pseudocode that I wish to checked for errors and advice in general. It is supposed to ask a user if they want to Add(afterward it will show them their total bill) or drop(will tell them drop complete when completed) a class or see their schedule(will show the average student amount and student amount in each classes)

Student Bill Calculator

Module main ()
  Declare integer ID, classA,
  Declare real hoursW, Total 
  Call ScheduleSetup
  Call EnterStudentID
  Call PromptUser
End Module

Module ScheduleSetup
  Declare string Classes[5]
  Declare integer ClassSeats[5]
  Set Classes[5] = ENG111, SDV100, ITP100, ITN200, PSY200
  Return Classes[5]
  Set ClassSeats[5] = 24, 13, 19, 8, 17
  Return ClassSeats[5]
End Module

Module EnterStudentID
  Display "Input Student ID"
  Return ID
  End Module
  Module PromptUser
  Declare integer choice
  Display "Type 1 if you wish to add a class, Type 2 if you wish to drop a class, or type 3 if you wish to see your schedule and class information"
  Prompt User to input 1,2, or 3
       Call AddAClass
       Call DropAClass
       Call Schedule
End Module

Function AddAClass
  Set classA = 0
  answer = input ("Would you like to register for another class?")
  While (answer == "YES")
      Display "If customer add 3 classes, they receive 1 of them for free, what is the name of the class you would like to take"
      classA = classA + 1
      continue loop
  EndWhile(answer =="NO")
  Display "How many hours do you work per week"
  Input hoursW
  IF (hoursW > 20 AND classA > 2)
      Display "Speak to your advisor"
  Endif(hoursW < 20 OR classA <3)
  if (classA = 3)
      Set Total = (classA-1) \*150\*1.05
      Set Total = (classA)\*150\*1.05
  Display "Your Student ID is" ID "and your current class Total is" Total
End Function

Function DropAClass
  answer = input ("Would you like to drop a class?")
  While (answer == "YES" or "yes")
      Display "Enter the name of the class you wish to drop"
      classA = classA-1
           Display "Error"
  EndWhile (answer == "NO" or "no")
  Display "Class Drop Complete"
End Function

Module Schedule
  Declare integer average
  Display "You have" classA "classes selected"
  Show User the number of seats for their selected classes in the order chosen
  Add the chosen classes number of seats then divide by classA 
  Display "The average number of students in your classes is" average
End Module

What I have tried:

Can a module be called in another module. Also how would I connect two arrays ex. person chose class[3] and they will be automatically showed classcount[3]
Updated 19-Jun-21 16:32pm

1 solution

Pseudo-code should be "English-like" (or based on culture) and computer language independent. And should be palatable enough for a "user" walk through. Yours barely makes the grade. Ask your potential audience for feedback.

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