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QVector<qulonglong> SysInfoLinuxImpl::cpuRawData()
QFile file("/proc/stat");;
QByteArray line = file.readLine();
qulonglong totalUser = 0, totalUserNice = 0,
totalSystem = 0, totalIdle = 0;
std::sscanf(, "cpu %llu %llu %llu %llu",
&totalUser, &totalUserNice, &totalSystem,
QVector<qulonglong> rawData;
return rawData;

What I have tried:

I tried looking at it. I am not able to get it figured out.
Updated 4-Nov-20 22:47pm
Joe Woodbury 4-Nov-20 15:29pm    
What is there to figure out? It's a Qt vector class.

It is a Qvector of type qulonglong. It has four values placed in it and it is returned from the function.

Beyond that you will have to look more closely at its implementation.
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It reads process information from the Linux/UNIX system and extracts details of processor time spent in the various states. It returns the details in a QVector object.
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What about the documentation: QVector Class | Qt Core 5.15.1[^] ?
See also QTL or STL? | CodeImproved[^].
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