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When I call an inline table value function I get this error:

"Invalid object name Reservations.ReservationDetails"

What I have tried:

This is my Inline Table Value Function:

DECLARE @IDMovies INT = Movies.IDMovies
CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].Reservations.ReservationDetails (@IDMovies INT)
         SELECT *
     FROM Movies m
     INNER JOIN Reservations r ON b.IDMovies = r.IDMovies
Updated 7-Nov-20 5:12am

1 solution

Your function name cannot contain a . unless you escape it.
Database Identifiers - SQL Server | Microsoft Docs[^]

Give it a simpler name:
CREATE FUNCTION dbo.ReservationDetails (@IDMovies INT)
Or create it in a separate schema:
CREATE FUNCTION Reservations.ReservationDetails (@IDMovies INT)

If you really want to shoot yourself in the foot, escape the function name. You will also need to escape it every time you call it.
-- Don't do this!
CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[Reservations.ReservationDetails] (@IDMovies INT)
xhon 6-Nov-20 10:40am
I got this other error message:
"Column names in each view or function must be unique. Column name 'IDMovies' in view or function 'ReservationDetails' is specified more than once."
Richard Deeming 6-Nov-20 10:43am
Don't use SELECT * FROM; specify the column list explicitly, and make sure you don't have any duplicate column names.

For example, both tables in your JOIN have a column called IDMovies.
xhon 6-Nov-20 10:51am
OK thanks, I'm gonna drop the table which contains the foreign key and create it again by naming the referring column differently...Or there is a way to avoid dropping the table? Can I use a variable for that column name inside the function maybe?
Richard Deeming 6-Nov-20 10:52am
You don't need to drop the table. Just specify an explicit list of columns in your SELECT statement.

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