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I have a form on Handlebar. It generates dynamic textboxes and dropdowns based on which type of form it is. Now I have to submit this form to a nodejs route. There i ahve req.body. We generaly process form field by like, req.body.class. I dnt know how to handle dynamic fields in req.body._dynamicfieldname__

The above form control is not dynamic so i can easily process


In this case how can i get the req.body.dynamicfieldname inside nodejs route'/applyforadmission', async(req,res)=>{
let dy =;

// how to access req.body.dynamicfieldname (which is dynamically generated on frontend)

What I have tried:

I tried to set a separate parameter which holds all dynamic names and value. But is there any proper way to do it

1 solution

I think you can iterate over the body if it is JSON using the forEach or map that is built-in JS.
CHill60 26-Jan-21 12:12pm
I think a little more detail is required

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