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I have a mouse wheel function that fires when ever the user scrolls up or down and sneds the keys PgUp and PgDown so a rich textbox can be scrolled, but whenever the richtextbox gets so big the scrollbar appears, the mouse wheel only fires when I scroll up, not when I scroll down, and when richtextbox isn't so large, it works fine. What should I do?

Btw mouse wheel function doesn't even get called when scrolling down, so need to see the code

What I have tried:

I've set breakpoints at the function and found out it doesn't get called when the user scrolls down, only when scrolling up
Gerry Schmitz 8-Nov-20 22:39pm    
Instead of "sending keys", actually try scrolling.
omerhijazi404 9-Nov-20 0:06am    
Doesn't work, that's why I added an event handler to the textbox to call a function, but when going down it doesn't get called at all
Gerry Schmitz 9-Nov-20 7:05am    
You're probably not respecting the "z-order". That's the only time I'm aware of that the mouse "misses"; in which case I may resort to transparent rectangles to increase / redraw a hit area. (Rectangles can have events)
Richard MacCutchan 9-Nov-20 4:38am    
If that is truly the case then you should report the problem to Microsoft.

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