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I try to serialize a n object to xml file.this object containt a property length

        public double Length  
                return this.lengthField;  
                this.lengthField = value;  

When i give the value 1 to this property it does not displayed. Despite when i tried to affect the value 1.65 or 1.75 it appeared

How can fix this problem to display Length=1 ?

What I have tried:

<Person Attribute1="Name" Attribute2="LastName" Attribute3="Age" Attribute4="Price">    
<Person1 Attribute1Person1="NamePerson" Attribute2Person1="LastNamePerson" />    
<Person2 Attribute1Person2="NamePerson" Attribute2Person2="LastNamePerson" />    
<Person3 Attribute1Person3="NamePerson" Attribute2Person3="LastNamePerson" />    
<Person4 Attribute1Person4="NamePerson" Attribute2Person4="LastNamePerson" />    
<Man Attribute1="Name" Attribute2="LastName" Attribute3="Age" Attribute4="Price" length="1.75">    
<Man1 Attribute1Person1="NameMan" Attribute2Person1="LastNameMan" length="1.65" />    
<Man2 Attribute1Person2="NameMan" Attribute2Person2="LastNameMan" />    
<Man3 Attribute1Person3="NameMan" Attribute2Person3="LastNameMan" length="1.55" />    
<Man4 Attribute1Person4="NameMan" Attribute2Person4="LastNameMan"  />    
<Women Attribute1="Name" Attribute2="LastName" Attribute3="Age" Attribute4="Price">    
<Women1 Attribute1Person1="NameWomen" Attribute2Person1="LastNameWomen" />    
<Women2 Attribute1Person2="NameWomen" Attribute2Person2="LastNameWomen" />    
<Women3 Attribute1Person3="NameWomen" Attribute2Person3="LastNameWomen" />    
<Women4 Attribute1Person4="NameWomen" Attribute2Person4="LastNameWomen" />    
Updated 8-Nov-20 23:47pm
Gerry Schmitz 8-Nov-20 22:36pm
Try 1.0

1 solution

Either remove the DefaultValue attribute, or override the default value when you serialize to XML:
XmlAttributes.XmlDefaultValue Property (System.Xml.Serialization) | Microsoft Docs[^]
public XmlSerializer CreateSerializer()
    var attributeOverrides = new XmlAttributeOverrides();
    attributeOverrides.Add(typeof(Person), nameof(Person.Length), new XmlAttributes
        XmlDefaultValue = double.NaN,
        XmlAttribute = new XmlAttributeAttribute(),
    return new XmlSerializer(typeof(Person), attributeOverrides);
NB: When you override the serialization attributes for a property, you need to restate all serialization attributes, which is why you need to provide the XmlAttribute property as well as the XmlDefaultValue property.

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