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The main question was to write a code which replaces the spaces of certain texts with the character "-", but I've done that. The only thing left, is that after the it changes the spaces for "-", it should count how many there are.
So, if there are 5 -'s, have an out put that says "You have replaced 5 spaces"
not counting spaces, but counting -'s. I just want this code added to my existing code. I've tried doing that but it's really hard adding code without messing it all up so it wouldn't compile.

What I have tried:

Here's my attempt at this:
int main()
	int new_char;
	char t;
	int ctr = 0;
	char str[100];
	printf("\n Replace the spaces of a string with a specific character :\n");

	printf(" Input a string:");
	fgets(str, sizeof str, stdin);
	printf(" Input replace character : ");
	scanf_s("%c", &t);
	printf(" After replacing the space with  %c the new string is :\n", t);
	while (str[ctr])
		new_char = str[ctr];
		if (isspace(new_char))
			new_char = t;
	return 0;
Updated 9-Nov-20 8:36am
jeron1 9-Nov-20 13:42pm    
How about having a new integer variable called 'replaced', initialized to zero at startup and incremented anytime you execute the following line,
 new_char = t;
Joe Woodbury 9-Nov-20 15:23pm    
isspace includes CR and LF. Is this intended?

Also note that scanf_s should have an added parameter: scanf_s("%c", &t, sizeof(t));

1 solution

that is really simply:
//outside the loop
int count = 0;

if (isspace(new_char)) {
	new_char = t;
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