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I have a Byte array that contains image base 64, How I can convert this to Pdf byte array in C#?

This is my code:

So content contains byte array of image 64, I need to convert this to byte array that is pdf.

This method should be there (ToImageAsync) as I need to convert to image first to keep my css if I convert there to PDF it is not working, So before having it in response to need to convert to pdf byte array.

What I have tried:

var pdfTemplate = Regex.Replace(template.Content, @"\t|\n", string.Empty);

            var imageResponse = await ToImageAsync(new HtmlConverterRequest
                Html = template.Content,
                Height = 1000,
                Width = 1500
            content = imageResponse.Content;
        return new GetResponse
            image =   content
Updated 9-Nov-20 15:14pm

1 solution

How to convert an image (jpg that is in byte array base 64) to a .PDF(in byte array) in C#

First, do yourself a favor and stop combining problems into super problems, rather split problems.
A jpg encoded in base64 is only for your convenience.
- Convert base64 image back to original byte stream, and may be save it as file depending on tool that will convert to pdf.
- then convert to pdf.
It will be much easier than looking for a tool that do exactly what you need.

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