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Good afternoon,
My apologies if this is the wrong forum to help. If there is a better forum, I would appreciate being redirected.
I am a programmer from decades ago (VMS mainframes & Unix). I am looking to transition a small MS Access database to a Windows Desktop database using Visual Studio Community 2019 written in C++. You ask why - just for something to play and learn with.

I am us using Windows 10 Home version 10.0.18363 (latest)
Laptop - i7 8th Gen, 64bit, 8Gb RAM
I have installed Visual Studio Community 2019, including:
- .NET desktop development
- Desktop development with C++
- Data storage and processing

I am wondering if that is all that is required to replicate my MS Access Database?
A website I was reading made no mention of needing MySQL or similar.

Any guidance or advice will be most welcome.



What I have tried:

Searching on setup resulted in deploying a setup application.
Searching on database focused on database issues

I am looking for the minimum VS Setup to write a small desktop database app in C++
Updated 11-Nov-20 23:18pm

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Member 2362679 12-Nov-20 4:58am    
Thanks Rick,
Much appreciated. Looks like this will force my brain to work overtime, but looking forward to the challenge.
This will probably spoil the fun of doing it yourself, but take a look at: microsoft-access-alternatives~symphytum[^]
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Member 2362679 12-Nov-20 4:59am    
Thanks Rick for responding,
I had a quick look, unfortunately I do need a relational database, so will head off down the path of ESE for now.
You would be better using C# as .NET supports OLEDB which allows you to use MSAccess quite easily. I have not tried it with C++ but see Developing Access 2007 Solutions with Native C or C++ | Microsoft Docs[^]. That is written for VS 2007 and the Jet engine, but should be easy to upgrade for VS 2019 and ACE, since the differences are largely transparent.
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