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I tried to do the 'save product to the cart's local storage' functionality by myself, but I had a LOT of trouble implementing it, as you can see in my last question.

So I've reset everything back to what is what before I implemented this, because I really want to know how to properly set this up.

And also, I don't know where to place the local storage function. I originally put it in Products.jsx because the addToCart() function was there, but then I also have my Cart.jsx file, which has the removeFromCart() function there. Unless I create one file dedicated to that, and just call the function in both the files? I'm really clueless...

So my question is: can someone please help / demonstrate how to implement this in my code? I've watched a few tutorials on local storage already, but I'm still puzzled.

Help is very much appreciated,

What I have tried:

I've tried looking at YouTube for tutorials on how to add to cart and then save the product to the cart's local storage in React JS, but all the tutorials I watched didn't show you the Local Storage bit. I also searched this up, but got no solutions...
Updated 17-Nov-20 3:12am
Gerry Schmitz 14-Nov-20 10:05am    
"Local storage" is a cookie.
h311o 15-Nov-20 1:39am    
@salty06 okay, thanks for the info :)
Richard Deeming 16-Nov-20 3:05am    
Gerry Schmitz 16-Nov-20 11:59am    
It's 2 mints in one.
h311o 16-Nov-20 20:22pm    
So it's not a cookie?

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