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I have a form with an panel A and a trackbar. Inside panel A, i have a second panel B, and inside that panel B there are many textbox. I need that when moving the trackbar, it decreases panel B with all the textbox that are included in it.
I need that when moving the trackbar I increase the size of panel B, and all the components in it. As a Zoom effect.
I try change font size of form, but it did not work.
I use Visual Studio for it.

What I have tried:

private void trackBarMap_Scroll(object sender, EventArgs e)
            float font = 14;
            float scroll = trackBarMapa.Value;
            float fontfinal = (font * scroll) / 100;
            panelB.Font = new Font("Microsoft Sans Serif", fontfinal);

            panelB.Height = (height * Convert.ToInt32(scroll)) / 100;
            panelB.Width = (width * Convert.ToInt32(scroll)) / 100;

Updated 16-Nov-20 6:54am
Gerry Schmitz 16-Nov-20 12:25pm
That's why you should use WPF when "zooming" is a requirement.

1 solution

I would use a splitContainer and a TableLayoutPanel.

In Panel1 of the splitcontainer: Dock your trackbar

In Panel2 of the splitcontainer: Dock a TableLayoutPanel (instead of panel B).

In each cell of the TableLayoutPanel dock one of the textboxes (dockStyle fillOut).

With the trackbar you can change the value of the splitcontainer's splitterdistance property => this enables you to zoom.

You could also change the size of the splitContainer.
BillWoodruff 17-Nov-20 3:39am
interesting idea, however, changing splitterdistance is only going to change the size of the interior panels in one dimension, horizontal or vertical.

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