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I'm working on a C# WIndows Forms project. The fact is that free hosting ( has a limited number of <max_user_connections> equal to 10 connections. I have no right to change it, of course. I actually have a question: if I buy a paid MySQL DB server on any hosting, can I change this number? Or are there restrictions too? This point is not specified anywhere. And because of this restriction, no more than two people can connect to the database (because there are a lot of asynchronous threads for data update on the client side, it's about 4-5 connections per user)and my application becomes useless. PS I write a messenger and it should store messages in the database, etc.

What I have tried:

It tried to change it in phpMyAdmin, but I don't have any permissions to do that.
Updated 16-Nov-20 11:36am
PIEBALDconsult 16-Nov-20 16:51pm
The users/clients should not be connecting directly to your database -- put a Web Service in between the user/client and the database.

This is totally on your hosting's head.

MySQL Hosting[^]

MySQL is totally configurable by the user - no limitations. You may wish to check other hosting providers - possibly the same cost (or less) for no connection limit.

You app should not be connecting to a hosted SQL instance over the web. Your database should NEVER be directly exposed to the web.

Use a web service between your app and the database. The web service would be doing all of the database work for your app.

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