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I all,
After years, I start to play with C again, and I need a bigint library.
What library would you advice, preferably free with source code.

What I have tried:

Actually searching internet.
Just found that there is a GMP, but no idea how it is.
Want to play/butchering with numbers like RSA2048.
Updated 28-Nov-20 1:48am
CPallini 19-Nov-20 16:04pm
GMP looks a good choice, but I never dealt with bigint libraries, sorry.
Patrice T 19-Nov-20 16:46pm
No problem.
k5054 19-Nov-20 17:49pm
Patrice T 19-Nov-20 17:58pm
Got some experience with it ?
k5054 19-Nov-20 18:02pm
No, but it looks a lot simpler than mucking about with gmp. But there's a boost multi-precision class that might be a better option. One of the types wraps gmp bigints so you get a cleaner interface and trusted goodness of gmp and boost.
Rick York 19-Nov-20 18:52pm
How big do they need to be? This one supports 96-bit integers : Except it uses MFC but probably just for CString and that can replaced easily enough.
Patrice T 19-Nov-20 19:38pm
:) Want to play with RSA2048.

see if this helps:
math lib written in C

I would recommend that you take a look at MPIR[^].

Best Wishes,
-David Delaune

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