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i have two RFID readers.

When i put card to it output is

in decimal
in HEXa.

I need compare card with database record but there are card IDs in different format - card example from above is in database in HEXa

What I have tried:

I tried to convert both IDs to binary code but i cannot see any common part of data.

On internet i found that format of card in datbase (
) should be Wiegand.
Updated 24-Nov-20 1:38am
Richard MacCutchan 24-Nov-20 7:42am    
If the reader says the card's id is 003B82AC then you need a database record to match it. But since you are the only person with any information about the card, the reader, or what is in your database, it is difficult to suggest anything.
Member 13220087 24-Nov-20 8:47am    
The problem is just that two different RFID readers gives me different output for same card.

Reader1 00CD1453
Reader1 1100 1101 0001 0100 0101 0011
Reader2 003B82AC
Reader2 0011 1011 1000 0010 1010 1100

Reader1 0110 1001 0010 0110 0111 0001
Reader2 0110 1001 0100 0110 1110 1000
Richard Deeming 25-Nov-20 4:27am    
Looks like every nibble[^] is reversed between the two machines.

You'll need to consult the documentation and/or contact their support team to find out why.
Dave Kreskowiak 24-Nov-20 11:44am    
If the card readers are the same make and model, the configuration on one of them is different from the other. You need to fix that.

If they are different makes and models, well, you're going to have to dig into the documentation on each to see if you can configure one to function like the other.

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