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Hello Good day.

I have a mysql query which returns the sum of values on a table.

357  $conn = mysqli_connect($servername, $username, $password, $dbname);
359  SELECT FORMAT(SUM(Total_Amount),0) FROM(
360      (SELECT SUM(assign_inventory.`quantity` * assign_inventory.`price`) AS 'Total_Amount'
361      FROM assign_inventory WHERE assign_inventory.`project` = 'Apongbon Shopping Mall')
362      UNION ALL
363  	(SELECT SUM(contrator_payments.`amount`) AS 'Total_Amount'
364      FROM contrator_payments WHERE contrator_payments.`project_name` = 'Apongbon Shopping Mall')
366  	(SELECT SUM(petty_cash_expenses.`amount`) AS 'Total_Amount'
367      FROM petty_cash_expenses WHERE petty_cash_expenses.`project` = 'Apongbon Shopping Mall'))as Total_Amount;<pre>";?>
368  											<?php 	$result = mysqli_query($conn,$query); 
369  $data = mysqli_fetch_assoc($result);
370  echo $data;?

What I have tried:

I try to echo the result but I get the error "
( ! ) Notice: Array to string conversion in C:\wamp64\www\bosmak_properties\project_cost_details.php on line 370

Line 370 is the echo $data line.
Updated 25-Nov-20 2:02am
Richard MacCutchan 25-Nov-20 5:22am    
You cannot use echo on anything other than simple strings. You need to echo each individual item in the returned data.

Returns from SQL queries, even if only a single value, are arrays.

The first element in your $data return, then, is $data[0], or, if you have the filed name, as in an associative array, $data['Total_Amount']

printr(), as in the previous answer, is useful in that you can see what the array is sending back and that is useful for at least two points:
1) it let's you see the extent of the data (or none!) without having to know details, even if it's a multi-dimensional array.
2) you have the correct indices for the values, not the least important of which is the name (if associative), the index, if not, or both if you grab it all. Including correct spelling and capitalization.

So the error's telling you precisely this: you want to echo an array (an object) and there's no rules for that.
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Have you tried print_r($data);
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akynyemi 25-Nov-20 3:51am    
Thanks @13178297. I have tried print_r($data); but it returns the required value but also shows =>FUNCTIONS(SUM(5,813,617) along with it which I do not want displayed.

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