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I have a json file stored multiple libraries. Just want to know how should I get the value for a specific key from diff libraries. For example, each library contain info about a meal, and I want to get names for every meal(name as a key).

What I have tried:

recipe = []
with open('maryCooks_allergen=salt.json', 'r') as fh:
s =
recipe_dictionary = json.loads(s)

for i in recipe_dictionary:
for key,value in i.items():
Updated 28-Nov-20 22:37pm

1 solution

You need to itrate through the dictionary post loading the json and then go through it's items to extract key or value.

Try something like this:
import json

# print values v if those are needed
def print_keys(mapping):
    [print('key:',k) for k, v in mapping.items()]
# some JSON:
x = '{ "name":"John Doe", "age":30, "city":"New York"}'

# parse x:
y = json.loads(x)

# all it's keys

#key: name
#key: age
#key: city
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