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I'm quite new in .net core.
Learning in progress and i'd like to know how much do we need to know ajax, jquery, javascript if we want to get certain level proficiency in .net core web application.
I have good enough knowledge in bootstrap css and some knowledge in json.
If these 3 are really necessary, i will start to learn .

What I have tried:

Start learning .net core. Less knowledge in
ajax, jquery, javascript
Updated 1-Dec-20 18:47pm

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.NET Core is a backend technology in a web development stack, while JavaScript, jQuery (and other derivative technologies, such as Ajax) are for the frontend.

If you are hands-on with JavaScript, why not go with Node.js?


If you are hands-on with JavaScript and want to learn .NET Core for backend development, then I would suggest you start with C# (as a language) and then dive into the .NET Core ecosystem; best, go with .NET 5 as that would be the future, so you do not need to learn the older technology that is expected to change in coming years.

Get started with ASP.NET Core MVC | Microsoft Docs[^]

Lastly, inside the .NET Core ecosystem, we have Blazor that is used for frontend development, so if you want you can learn Blazor to build the application frontend and then move to the backend part once you are familiar with .NET tools, C# language, and the deployment models.

Blazor | Build client web apps with C# | .NET[^]
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octavia81 2-Dec-20 0:06am    
Thanks.I have a few years experience in c#.Now my question is as a .net core web application developer normally what kind of framework/tech they used for frontend?
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan 2-Dec-20 0:21am    
Right, I have multiple applications and I use React for the frontend development. It is my personal choice, as it is very easier to start prototyping the UIs and then host the apps online as well.

But, Angular, Vue.js, and other frameworks such as Blazor (C# based) also work just fine. It depends no what is needed by the framework as well.
octavia81 2-Dec-20 2:09am    
Thanks again. I think i will go with Blazor. This .net core learning plan is just for my personal interest to gain knowledge for future career development.
In my previous job, i got chance to work on some SPA using Angular, i don't like it :), feels like more code to write.
The rest are (React,Vue.js) very new to me.

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