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string[] month = { "jan","feb","mar"}
if (s.Contains(month) && (s.Any(char.IsDigit)))
                        //code here

What I have tried:

monthcode shows an error that Cannot implicitly convert type string[] to string'
Updated 2-Dec-20 3:53am
PIEBALDconsult 2-Dec-20 8:58am
What s? What's monthCode?
john123a 2-Dec-20 9:11am
not month code its bad
john123a 2-Dec-20 9:13am
i am splitting a string with space and foreach loop that s represent each looped word
PIEBALDconsult 2-Dec-20 8:58am
And one should never post an e-mail address publicly.
john123a 2-Dec-20 9:11am
how should i hide email
BillWoodruff 2-Dec-20 9:41am
show the definition of 's

That is because you are asking if s (a String I presume) contains an array of strings. I think you likely have it backwards.
If "s" is a string then you want to check if the array contains the string, but your current code checks if the string contains the array. Change it to

if (month.Contains(s) && (s.Any(char.IsDigit)))

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