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I'm trying to using enum passing the parameter to virtual function. I want to practice the Strategy mode of design pattern. Here is my code(example) ,which should print "Hello".(C++), I ran but error, Error message:
undefined reference to `test(Enum)'

What I have tried:

I don't know how to fix the code.

Here is my code:

class Base
  virtual void show() = 0;

class child1 : public Base
  void show(){

enum Enum {

int main() {
    Base* test(Enum);
auto the_test =test(child1);
    return 0;
Updated 5-Dec-20 0:22am

1 solution

Just about everything is wrong with your code. You are trying to instantiate an abstract class. You are trying to create an instance by passing a class name to a parameterless constructor. You are using the same names for a class, and an enumeration value. I suggest you go back to the C++ documentation and study the section on classes again.
Rick York 5-Dec-20 13:48pm
A trifecta of errors.

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