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i have multiple checkbox control & multiple textbox control . I have a textbox which is by default is enable false. when the checkbox is checked, the textbox will enable true and let user input in c#. this will done in separate checkbox checked event but i wan't it this event in one function for multiple checkbox.. i tried to but this is wrong

What I have tried:

public void chkboxinfo()

               object item=0;
               int noOfInputOutputParameter = 80;
             for (int i = 0; i <= noOfInputOutputParameter; i++)

                       string IOName = "lblX" + i;
                        TextBox  textName = (TextBox)item ;
                        CheckBox cb = new CheckBox();

                       //if (textName.Content.ToString() == "1")
                           if (cb.Checked.ToString() == "1")

                           Controls.Find(IOName, true).IsReadOnly.ToString();

                           else if (cb.CheckState.ToString() == "0")
                           Controls.Find(IOName, false).FirstOrDefault().Enabled.ToString();


           catch (Exception ex)
               MessageBox.Show(ex.Message, "chkboxinfo,frmSetting", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Error);
Updated 7-Dec-20 20:15pm

The CheckBox.Checked property[^] is a bool - so calling ToString on it will return either "True" or "False", but never "1".
So your tests alway fail:
if (chkBox.Checked.ToString() == "1")// If checkBox is checked True
else if (chkBox.CheckState.ToString() == "0")
and nothing happens.

Use the debugger: put a breakpoint on the first line of that method, and single step through your code: you will see what I mean!
I suggest you create a Dictionary<CheckBox, TextBox>
private Dictionary<CheckBox, TextBox> CbxTpTBx;

// initialize in Form Load Event
CbxTpTBx = new Dictionary<CheckBox, TextBox>
    {checkBox1, textBox1}, {checkBox2, textBox2}, {checkBox3, textBox3}
... then:

1) at design time:

a) select all the CheckBoxes on your form or container control

b) open the Properties browser (F4) and select/double-click the _CheckStateChanged Event to write the event handler in your form

c) edit the event handler so it looks something like this
private CheckBox currentBox;

private void checkBox3_CheckStateChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
    currentBox = sender as CheckBox;

    CbxTpTBx[currentBox].Enabled = currentBox.Checked;
Member 11893460 7-Dec-20 23:48pm
thanks its working

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