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Can anyone suggest me a research project to do for my 3rd year final project. I prefer a mobile application project which has a scope of one year.please help me.

I don't understand why people ask this. What are you good at ? Data mining ? Image analysis ? Unless your next plan was to ask us to provide source code, I don't see how you can expect us to know what you're best able to write in the course of a year, better than you.
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Actually In Sri lanka, we dont have facilities like USA or rich countries. they teach us little stuff and we have to do the rest by ourselves.
thats why i request a help here bro..
we dont know anything abt java applications in mobiles..
bt we have do a new thing..
we cant do projects as same as previous students did :( :( :doh:
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Richard MacCutchan 29-Jul-10 16:44pm    
You may be surprised to discover that it is the same in the rest of the world. We have to study, work hard and learn for ourselves. Nobody writes our programs for us.
Hello Folks from Sri Lanka,

go and check out Sun´s, now Oracles website regarding J2ME.
There you can find everything to understand and learn.[^]

As an development environment I recommend Eclipse from or Netbeans from

Load Sun Java Development Kit 1.6.0_21 first.

Good luck,

Marc from Germany
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If you don't know java application in mobile why is it that you want to make one.
How about you make an application using the language you know.
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M. Koch 29-Jul-10 13:50pm    
Reason for my vote of 1
Writer has no clue about non-industrial countries.
Poor social skills.

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