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Hi forum,

this PC has one genuine serial port (COM1) and one virtual serial port in the form of a USB dongle. This is preparational work for an STM32 that creates another USB-VSP device that is still to come out of our hardware department. I need to write a python program that finds that very device. For now, I'm failing to open a serial port.

The list_ports part works, but both of the available ports tell me that they are open.
They are not. I tested that using HTerm.exe opening that port. I can send data out to the oscilloscope on pin3.

Even after a clean reboot, both ports report to be already open (which we know they're not).

from serial import Serial, SerialException

def dongle_discover():
        from import comports
    except ImportError:
        return "Ex: not importing comports."
    if comports:
        report = "These are the ports:"
        com_ports_list = list(comports())
        dongle_port = None
        for port in com_ports_list:
            report += "<hr />"
            report += "Device: \"" + port.device + "\""
            report += "<br />" + port[1]
            report += "<br />" + port[2]
            candidate = Serial(port=str(port.device), baudrate=115200, timeout=10)
                report += "<br />Port is already open."
                report += "<br />Port is not open at the moment."
                report += "<br />Successfully opened port."
            except SerialException as ex:
                report += "<br />Couldn't open port ("+ str(ex) +")."
            output = bytearray([0x1b, 0x02, 0x05, 1,2,3,4, 0xAA, 0x55])

        return report
        return "No comports."

How do I open ports properly?

What I have tried:

Added the .isOpen code prior to the try/open()/except part.
Updated 10-Dec-20 4:26am

1 solution

According to Short introduction — pySerial 3.4 documentation[^] the call to Serial opens the port. So after that call you would expect isOpen to return True.
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