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In Caesar cipher, each letter is replaced by another letter which occurs at the d-th position (when counted from the position of the original letter), in the English alphabet. For identifying the position of a letter, we follow the usual order of the English alphabet, from a to z. Given a word and a positive integer d, use Caesar cipher to encrypt it. For example, if the word is 'ball' and the value of 'd' is 3 then the new encrypted word is 'edoo'. 'x' will be replaced by 'a', 'y' should be replaced by 'b' and 'z' should be replaced by 'c'. While the code is submitted for Online Judge (SkillRack), use rstrip(), to remove carriage return character in the input.

Input Format


A positive integer 'd'

Output format:

Encrypted word

What I have tried:

for i in range(0,len(y)):
Updated 12-Dec-20 6:15am

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you could start by using meaningful names for your variables. Using single letters does not make your code more efficient, in fact quite the opposite, because it is more difficult t understand. So, following the instructions:
word = input("Enter the source word: ")
offset = int(input("Enter the offset value: "))
answer = []

Now you can think about how you process each letter in the string. Remember to calculate the new value when the addition of the offset goes beyond the letter z (or Z). It is probably easiest to stick to all lower case or all upper case to start with.
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