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I'm working on a project, there's a online website which offers different artform courses where user can register, subscribe to the course and download it's videos to their own account and not local storage? How can I achieve this functionality. Please guide me or any suggestions/references will be really helpful.

The video will be playable for the users but I want to give provision to the users to download that videos into their account and access those without internet connection. Basically, I want to achieve similar functionality like Netlfix offline viewing or you can say Youtube offline downloads.

Thank you!!

What I have tried:

I've researched about it but I'm unable to find any exact references for the same. I cam across Service Workers but I'm not sure whether it will do the work. Also, how can I implement it in CodeIgniter.
Updated 16-Dec-20 6:00am
Richard MacCutchan 16-Dec-20 11:56am    
It is unlikely that you ever will find exact references. You need to break it down into its constituent parts and research each one separately: Website (PHP, ASP.NET etc), Data storage (MySQL, SQL Server etc), Online video player control, data download ...
Nikhil Sreenivasan 16-Dec-20 23:15pm    
Yes, that's right but the first thing I'm really confused about is how do I enable or implement a storage space on my website?
Richard MacCutchan 17-Dec-20 3:38am    
Like I said, you need to do research. Google found this: What is web space - the storage space on a web server[^].
Nikhil Sreenivasan 18-Dec-20 23:18pm    
Ok thanks Richard. I'm already doing it, I will also check the link which you had provided. Please if you get reference or idea, kindly reply! :)

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