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Hello, php array gets following output:

2020-12-20, 2020-12-24

How can I count the dates which are cut by "," by using ajax?

Output should be: 2

What I have tried:

Read the construct about arrays but i dont work.
Updated 22-Dec-20 5:29am

1 solution

That doesn't seem like an array at all (in the coding sense) but a comma-delimted list.

Look into the php explode() function to get your answer (and an array) as you can look at the array length and have your answer.
Fynn Pfingsten 22-Dec-20 14:08pm
Okay, it is working now. How can I return ajax in h2 tag, in div it is working fine..."
W Balboos, GHB 22-Dec-20 14:13pm
That depends a lot upon what you want to do with it.
AJAX returns are always as an ECHO of some string. It would also need a target element for the data or some other use - and that really depends upon what you're doing with the data. See for how to use AJAX - but beyond that

it's really up to you to return the data (as a character string!) in some manner. If you want to return the array then you can use JSON, as well, with the AJAX.

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