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What does it mean when something is deprecated in STL. I understand that it is not recommended for use, but will it not be functioning anymore? I have previously used strstream in my application, pre 2012. In Visual Studio 2019 it does not wok anymore.

Regards, Haakon.

What I have tried:

Have tried stringstream, unsuccessfully.
Updated 23-Dec-20 23:22pm
Stefan_Lang 24-Dec-20 5:51am
If the compiler you are using now issues the deprecated warning, that same compiler is saying that it should still work. Therefore, if your code doesn't compile with this particular compiler, the reason is most likely something else.

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This is referring to your question at std:strstream does not work - C / C++ / MFC Discussion Boards[^]. When a method or class is deprecated, it means that it is not recommended and may be removed in the future. So if you have such references in your code you should consider upgrading to the recommended form as soon as practicable. You are free to ignore that advice but it may have sudden consequences in the future.

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