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I have created a Component which provides some Properties to other Controls.
For this the Component implements the IExtendedProvider and uses ProvideProperty to do this.
When I look inside the PropertyGrid of one of these Controls it doesn't look like I want to have it.
So my question is :
How can I define a Categorie for a provided Property ?
and the other question :
Inside the PropertyGrid the provided Property appears like :
"PropertyName" auf "ComponentName"
Could I change that in a way that the Property appears like every other Property of the Control (including a Description) ?

What I have tried:

the Component which provides the Properties is working well ...
Updated 1-Jan-21 13:38pm

I had a similar issue some time ago, creating a scrolling marquee to display a message. I used the following to add properties to my control (C# but the idea is the same):
public class Marquee : System.Windows.Forms.Control
    #region Additional properties specific to this control: modify them in the VS properties window
    private Color sColour = Color.Azure;
    [Category("Appearance"), Description("The starting gradient color of the text.")]
    public Color StartColor
        get { return sColour; }
            sColour = value; 

    private Color eColour = Color.Gold;
    [Category("Appearance"), Description("The ending gradient color of the text.")]
    public Color EndColor
        get { return eColour; }
            eColour = value; 

    private int timerInterval = 150;
    [Category("Appearance"), Description("Controls the marquee scrolling speed.")]
    public int ScrollDelay
        get { return timerInterval; }
            timerInterval = value;
    #endregion properties

// remaining class code not relevant to the question

I could then use the Proprties window to modify the values in other applications.
Ralf Meier 29-Dec-20 8:13am
Sorry Richard ... but I can't see how this Solution matches to my question.
Your example shows "regular" Properties from your customized Control. I have a Component which provides Properties to other Controls which normally don't belong to them ... here the Component really works with the Data of the provided Properties.
Richard MacCutchan 29-Dec-20 8:27am
Changing the Category value adds it to the properties in my sample. But perhaps I have not understood what you are asking.
Ralf Meier 29-Dec-20 8:50am
Okay ... sorry ...
I have a Component which uses ProvideProperty and Implements the IExtendedProvider. Those Properties, which come originally from the Component and are "provided" to the other Controls, I want to change the Category and the Description. With "normal" Properties, which directly belong to the Control, it is quiet clear for me.
Do I have explain it better now ?
Richard MacCutchan 29-Dec-20 8:57am
Sorry, I still do not understand. If I change the Category in any of the above, then it creates a new Category in the Property grid. But I have done it directly in my control, rather than using ProvideProperty, so perhaps that is a different issue.
Ralf Meier 29-Dec-20 8:59am
No problem ... and to ProvideProperty I can't give a Description and a Categorie directly - but perhaps there is a way I haven't found with Goggle yet ...
Ralf Meier 29-Dec-20 9:00am
Haven't you used ProvideProperty until now ?
Richard MacCutchan 29-Dec-20 11:20am
Sorry, no. I have never needed it.
The mistake was the wrong keyword and the wromg place for searching.
Finally I found the answer by myself in this Forum instead of at Google by using the keyword "IExtendedProvider" instead of "ProvideProperty". Now I am leaded to this article where my questions are answered.
The DisplayName, the Category and the Description could be set at the Getter-Method for the provided Property.

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