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I am trying to set a fake httpcontext for an api call for a integration test but httpContext is always null when debugging through controller.

Controller method:
public IActionResult GetUsername() =>
    new UserDataHandler(_userRepository).GetUsername(HttpContext.User.GetNameIdentifier());

I have a base IntegrationTest class which all integration tests inherit from. This class basically calls custom WebApplicationFactory which creates services used in testing eg.

protected IntegrationTest(bool seedUsers)
    var appFactory = new CoreWebApplicationFactory<TStartup>(seedUsers);
    Client = appFactory.CreateClient(new WebApplicationFactoryClientOptions
        AllowAutoRedirect = false

    LocalStorageService = appFactory.Services.GetRequiredService<ILocalStorageService>();
    AuthenticationStateProvider = new ApiAuthenticationStateProvider(Client, LocalStorageService);

What I have tried:

I am unsure how HttpContext fits into this. Is there a similar build in implementation to create HttpContext similar to how Http 'Client' is being created above? Or does it need to be implemented directly in the testing method somehow?

I was thinking of adding
IHttpContextAccessor httpContextAccessor
as a service but that would mean I would need to pass it in into controllers, and I don't really see the point of doing it since HttpContext is already available in the Controller, the api work fine when testing manually through the website but I am struggling to get it working through integration tests.

Any help would be appricated
James Walsh Jr 31-Dec-20 13:44pm    
Are you using a framework to mock the factory output?
Member 13081540 1-Jan-21 14:00pm    
No, I am creating a fake startup services for integration tests

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