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Sorry if my questions are a little dumb. I'm young and I'm still learning.
I have been asking around and I dont understand the printData method? What does it really do? How is it different from System.out.println? Also what is 'return;'for? As in why do I need it?
Sorry if there are too many questions.
All help is greatly appreciated <3

What I have tried:

I've visited other forums and tried googling but I still dont understand.
Updated 31-Dec-20 11:40am
Richard MacCutchan 1-Jan-21 3:46am
Where did you see the reference to this method?

1 solution

There is no printData method in Java SDK (that I know of), the only way to print content to the logs is using the System.out.

System (Java Platform SE 7 )[^]

Maybe, if you can show the code we can better help. I am thinking this is a member method of a class that you might have defined that "internally" calls the System.out.println() method.

Secondly, the return is a basic control statement that "returns" the control to the caller of this method and passes the value as a result of this method. If called without a value (as in a void method) then it just returns the control and doesn't provide any value.

See this for more on this topic: Returning a Value from a Method (The Java™ Tutorials > Learning the Java Language > Classes and Objects)[^]

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