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Hello everyone

i am final year student and i have a final project.
i need to build authentication system for system login and use,
system use two way attestation by face recognition and finger print, where a record store the finger print of a user and his face , later any attempt to login to the system should go through authentication system , user scan his finger print , cam read his face , when user confirmed , system will open.

i got the codes for face recognition in C# and EmguCV but am still confused with the data base , how am going to make the database to store image of the face and the finger print as i notice also face images stored to a file and XML file.

could any one give help here please , some guides of how i should do the work or what a helpful tools i might use.

Thanks alot
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 16-Jan-13 22:47pm    
This is not a valid question; and the topic is too big for just one question and answer, just does not fit the format of this forum. How can you imagine it? Someone will tell you: "I could help", then what?
"Confused with data base" is not informative. Don't expect help unless you ask a question on development, technology or science...
Member 3919500 16-Jan-13 22:50pm    
which part is not valid please ?
can i store faces from face recognition system to a dtabase such MSAcess or Mysql , am new to the field and am still learning how to do it , that is why i ask for advice and guides .
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 16-Jan-13 23:16pm    
You did not get it. No part. You whole post is not valid unless is contains a question on the topic of the forum. No matter how good the rest of your post and your intentions are, it may not just fit the format of the forum.

Your only question I could recognize is "could anyone give help". I tried to explain why it cannot work here even if someone is willing to help...

"Can I store faces from face recognition to a database?"... Of course you can. How? Well, what did you try, where did you stuck..?


1 solution

store your image to a variable like below

mArrImgData = new byte[16800];//[14400];
           grayFrame.Copy(FaceRect).Resize(120, 140, INTER.CV_INTER_LINEAR).Bytes.CopyTo(mArrImgData, 0);

and then insert to database directly:

msQueryString = "INSERT INTO VGPSystem(Valid_From,Today_date,Validity,VGP_Name,VGP_Company,VGP_VehicleNo,VGP_PHNO,Issuer_Name,Issuer_Department,Pass_Number,Sl_No,VPhoto) values ("
                                        +"'" + dtpValidFrom.Value.ToString("MM/dd/yyyy")+ "',"
                                        + "'" + System.DateTime.Now.ToString("MM/dd/yyyy")
                                        +"',"  + cmbValidity.Text
                                        + ",'" + txtVisitorName.Text
                                        + "','" + txtVisitorComAddr.Text
                                        + "','" + txtVisitorVehicleNum.Text
                                        + "','" + txtVisitorPersonalNum.Text
                                        + "','" + txtIssuername.Text
                                        + "','" + txtIssuerDept.Text
                                        + "','" + txtPnum.Text
                                        + "','" + lTemp
                                        + "'," + "@Imagedata" + ")";

objcmd.Parameters.Add("@Imagedata", SqlDbType.Image, mArrImgData.Length).Value = mArrImgData;

Best Of Luck for your Project!
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Member 3919500 17-Jan-13 3:09am    
Thank you very Much i will try that

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