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Hello, I'm trying to understand how can I make a function that gives me all the files name in a specific directory and iterate for each file to print a message, how can I accomplish this function what library in c ++ should I use?

What I have tried:

I tried to use boost library but I failed installing it
Updated 7-Jan-21 1:04am

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hi, I found out some code or a way to accomplish my goal, I understand the code 100% but the first problem is when I run the code it throws an Error with the code (123) like:-

FindFirstFile Failed(123)

the second problem is I want to iterate for each file to call a function and within the function, there is an argument this argument is the path

here is the code::-

<pre>static void listfiles() {

	WIN32_FIND_DATA FindFileData;
	HANDLE hFind = FindFirstFile("C:\\Users\MohamedAlzurghni\source\repos\FileCrypter\Debug", &FindFileData);
		printf("FindFirstFile failed (%d)\n", GetLastError());


	do {
		if (FindFileData.dwFileAttributes & FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DIRECTORY)
			printf(TEXT("  %s   <DIR>\n"), FindFileData.cFileName);
			printf(TEXT("  %s \n"), FindFileData.cFileName);
	} while (FindNextFile(hFind, &FindFileData) != 0);


[Update] I tried to Fix the Problem and i wrote this:-

	HANDLE hFind = FindFirstFile("C:\\Users\MohamedAlzurghni\source\repos\ProjectC++\*", &data);      // DIRECTORY

		do {
			std::cout << data.cFileName << std::endl;
		} while (FindNextFile(hFind, &data));

but there is no output.
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Richard Deeming 7-Jan-21 7:16am    
How is this meant to be a "solution" to your question?
MohammedZr 7-Jan-21 8:11am    
can you please check the question again I think this is the solution for `the question`
Richard Deeming 7-Jan-21 8:44am    
So the code works and solves your question, and the list of problems in your solution don't exist?
Richard MacCutchan 7-Jan-21 8:20am    
"but there is no output."
Most likely because your call to FindFirstFile failed, but you ignored the error. If a systme call fails then you need to investigate why, and correct your code. Just ignoring it is not a good way to create a working program.
Richard MacCutchan 7-Jan-21 8:22am    
In both cases above your path strings are invalid because they contain unescaped backslash characters, which you can clearly see.

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