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How can i convert sql qury results to jsaon data for parsing
Please share the examples

What I have tried:

How can i convert sql qury results to jsaon data for parsing 
Please share the examples 
Updated 20-Jan-21 11:38am
k5054 20-Jan-21 13:19pm    
You'll need to give us some more information, please. What OS and what SQL database engine are you using? Take a look at your database documentation, many databases now can produce JSON output, rather than a text table or CSV values.

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SELECT id, firstName AS "", lastName AS "info.surname", age, dateOfBirth AS dob
FROM People

will select JSON
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Member 15051539 21-Jan-21 8:22am     CRLF
I have query results and unix shell script to parse the sql output into json data. QUERY:select username, account_status, expiry_date from dba_users where lower(username) not like '%sys%'; I want to parse the above quey out put to json data . The concept is alert the password expire users Can you pls help me that
Christian Graus 21-Jan-21 15:19pm    
As I showed you, you can select JSON data right from the DB. Otherwise you can grab your data set and string mash JSON
Member 15051539 21-Jan-21 19:01pm     CRLF
Thank you .im in first phase learning .Could please help some examples . Here is the sample input Account_name sttus Expiry_date TOAD ,OPEN , ASG ,EXPIRED & LOCKED ,18-AUG-15 OOCM ,EXPIRED & LOCKED ,18-AUG-15 AS$NULL ,EXPIRED & LOCKED ,18-AUG-15 DFMUSER ,EXPIRED & LOCKED ,18-AUG-15 ANONYMOUS ,EXPIRED & LOCKED ,18-AUG-15 DBASDSNMP ,EXPIRED & LOCKED , 18-AUG-15 A_INTERNAL ,EXPIRED & LOCKED ,18-AUG-15 OUTLN ,EXPIRED & LOCKED ,18-AUG-15
Christian Graus 21-Jan-21 19:14pm    
The code I gave you will select JSON from the database

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