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how do i fix?
Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mysqli_db_query() in /home/u703005905/domains/ Stack trace: #0 {main} thrown in /home/u703005905/domains/ on line 9


include "config.php";

$t_stamp = time();                                                                                            
$timeout = $t_stamp - $to_secs; 

mysqli_connect($server, $db_user, $db_pass) or die ("Useronline Database CONNECT Error");                                                                   
mysqli_db_query($db, "INSERT INTO CJ_UsersOnline VALUES ('$t_stamp','$REMOTE_ADDR','$PHP_SELF')") or die("Database INSERT Error"); 
mysql_db_query($db, "DELETE FROM CJ_UsersOnline WHERE timestamp<$timeout") or die("Database DELETE Error");
$result = mysql_db_query($db, "SELECT DISTINCT ip FROM CJ_UsersOnline WHERE file='$PHP_SELF'") or die("Database SELECT Error");
$user = mysql_num_rows($result);                                                                  

if ($user == 1){
	echo "$user User Online";
	echo "$user Users Online";

What I have tried:

tried chaning mysql to mysqli and i tried grammer errors but nothing worked(im new sorry)
Updated 22-Jan-21 17:45pm
Christian Graus 22-Jan-21 22:29pm
I would guess you need to include the library you are using?

mysqli_db_query($db, "INSERT INTO CJ_UsersOnline VALUES ('$t_stamp','$REMOTE_ADDR','$PHP_SELF')") or die("Database INSERT Error"); 

Not necessary a solution to your question, but another problem you have.
Never build an SQL query by concatenating strings. Sooner or later, you will do it with user inputs, and this opens door to a vulnerability named "SQL injection", it is dangerous for your database and error prone.
A single quote in a name and your program crash. If a user input a name like "Brian O'Conner" can crash your app, it is an SQL injection vulnerability, and the crash is the least of the problems, a malicious user input and it is promoted to SQL commands with all credentials.
SQL injection - Wikipedia[^]
SQL Injection[^]
SQL Injection Attacks by Example[^]
PHP: SQL Injection - Manual[^]
How can I explain SQL injection without technical jargon? - Information Security Stack Exchange[^]
BOLEGMA 23-Jan-21 19:38pm
it was just for me to know how many users are online
How to Connect to MySQL Server through PHP (MySQLi vs. PDO) - Tutorial Republic[^]

The sample seems to make a variable from the call?
BOLEGMA 23-Jan-21 19:39pm
so no errors above?? im asking about line 9

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