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Hello guys.I'm using tkinter for first time and I want to know if/how can I run app to do some things while I have my camera enabled.I can do it via terminal ,but how can I do it with tkinter?
For example, I want to click a button (named "Camera") to open my camera and at the same time I want to do other things without waiting (I want multitasking).
In open_camera(...) function below, I don't have while loop.
Also I want to know if mainloop() of tkinter is like while loop??
I don't know this information,so I don't use while loop in open_camera(...).
I hope I'm clear.

What I have tried:

from tkinter import *
import tkinter

from camera_record import * # this is my file to open camera(do not contain while loop)
window = tkinter.Tk()
window.title("Vehicle Control")

def GUI_camera():
    open_camera(True , "")
Drive_button = Button(window , text = "Camera" , bg = "aqua" , width = 20 , command = GUI_camera) = 0 , y = 0)

In a few days I will teach myself tkinter by wathcing tutorials.
These days I have exams :P
Thanks in advance.
Updated 26-Jan-21 3:19am
Richard MacCutchan 26-Jan-21 9:05am    
What exactly is the problem?
Nick_is_asking 26-Jan-21 9:30am    
As I said,I have a button named "Camera" and I want to open my laptop's camera if I click this button,but I also want to do other things(for example :click another button to do something else) at the same time.When I click the "Camera" button ,a black window appears(I also use opencv).
See open_camera() function here:

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