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I am new to node js, I am trying to validate a password that is encrypted, and I have given the below code which I have tried.

What I have tried:

async function passCheck(event){ // in event i am passing user enterd password and email
var EnteredPassword = bcrypt.hashSync(event.password,10); //10 saltrounds

var fromDB = await pool.query('SELECT password from User WHERE email =
?',event.emailID );
if(EnteredPassword == fromDB){ //Here i am comparing
Updated 27-Jan-21 4:21am

1 solution

Hopefully the password hash you're storing has been salted with a random salt per record. That salt should either be stored in a separate column, or combined into the stored password hash somehow.

If you hash the same password again, but use a different salt, then you will get a different result.

The documentation suggests that you need to use the function to compare the plaintext password to the stored hash:
// Load hash from your password DB., hash, function(err, result) {
    // result === true

Also, why are you calling the Sync methods in an async function?
async function passCheck(event){
    var fromDB = await pool.query('SELECT password FROM user WHERE email = ?', event.emailID);
    var passwordMatch = await, fromDB);
    if (passwordMatch) {
    else {

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