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Hello, i have a connection string in my c# windows forms application.
In this connection i put the username and password of my SQL server iformations.

I nedd to encrypt the password to not be showen to all.

What I have tried:

I tried this in the cmd and i have success message but nothing happens in my app.config:
ASPNET_REGIIS -pef "connectionStrings" \\tunfile10\Utilisateurs\Ayariho\WindowsFormsApplication1\WindowsFormsApplication1
Updated 27-Jan-21 21:43pm

That's for encrypting your config in a web site. The problem with encrypting your forms application is that anyone can de-compile it and reverse-engineer your encryption (to pre-empt your next question, no you can't stop people decompiling your app). So if you want to encrypt it you'll need to implement your own encryption but remember it will only deter casual users, it won't stop someone dedicated to hacking your encryption. You're probably better off using sql accounts that only have the access the app needs.
houssem eddine ayari 28-Jan-21 3:33am
@F-ES Sitecore thanks
houssem eddine ayari 28-Jan-21 7:24am
@RickZeeland thanks

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