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this is the code

print(input("Choose a tile: "))

white = ["y1", "y5", "y9", "d1"]
black = ["z1", "y8", "d2", "f2"]

if input[list]:

if input[list2]:

this is the error i keep getting

TypeError: 'builtin_function_or_method' object is not subscriptable

What I have tried:

i've tried every solution i saw on google
Updated 30-Jan-21 2:36am

input is a method: you call it using round brackets and it returns a value: Python input() Function[^]
Square brackets are for lists and indexing, as in this example: 6.3. Index Operator: Working with the Characters of a String — Foundations of Python Programming[^]
I did tell you yesterday in your previous post of this question (How do I get rid of this syntax error in Python 3.8[^]) that that code makes no sense.
1. print(input("Choose a tile: ")) 

2. white = ["y1", "y5", "y9", "d1"]
black = ["z1", "y8", "d2", "f2"]

3. if input[list]:
4. print("white")

if input[list2]:

1. You call the input function to get information from the user, but just print it out, without saving it anywhere.
2. You create two lists of strings: not sure what they are for.
3. You cannot use the input statement like that. The input function posts a message to the terminal and waits for input from the user. Also, the if clause has nothing to compare against.
4. Will print the string "white", but I am not sure that is what you want.

I strongly suggest you go to The Python Tutorial — Python 3.7.9 documentation[^]
and learn the language thoroughly.

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