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Good afternoon,
I am trying to scrape the overall volume of unread messages on my Instagram profile and I am using Selenium through Python to access it. I have managed to reach my mailbox and I have 5 unread messages, signified with the classic 'blue' dot next to them.
The issue I am facing is that BeautifulSoup is not reading the respective div and classes to count the number of unread messages.

counter = 0
#count messages
soup = BeautifulSoup(browser.page_source, features='html.parser')
new_message = soup.find_all(lambda tag:"div" and tag.get("class") == "Igw0E   rBNOH          YBx95   ybXk5    _4EzTm                      soMvl")
for i in new_message:
    counter += 1
print('Unread messages: ', counter)

The class, as shown through the console is as follows. However, something tells me that Instagram's based on JS and this is why I cannot count the divs. Any ideas?

<pre><div class="                     Igw0E   rBNOH          YBx95   ybXk5    _4EzTm                      soMvl                                                                                        "><div class=" _41V_T   Sapc9                 Igw0E     IwRSH      eGOV_         _4EzTm                                                                                                              " style="height: 8px; width: 8px;"></div></div>

What I have tried:

I have tried numerous variations of new_message, such as:

new_message = soup.find_all("div", {"class" : "Igw0E   rBNOH          YBx95   ybXk5    _4EzTm                      soMvl"})

new_message = soup.find_all("div", {"class" : "_41V_T   Sapc9                 Igw0E     IwRSH      eGOV_         _4EzTm"})

and by its style, but to no avail.

new_message = soup.find_all("div",{"style" : "height: 8px; width: 8px;"})

Also tried checking whether it locates something to print and it does, but I am unsure as to why the counter is not working:

new_message = soup.find_all(lambda tag:"div" and tag.get("class") == "_4EzTm")
for message in new_message:
    counter =+ 1
    print('Unread messages: ', counter)
if new_message is not None:
Updated 31-Jan-21 7:56am
Dave Kreskowiak 1-Feb-21 0:49am
Possibly because the data is filled in using javascript. You'll have to use Seleniums JavaScriptExecutor to fill in the data.

JavaScriptExecutor in Selenium WebDriver with Example[^]
Giorgio Anagio 1-Feb-21 9:30am
Could you please elaborate on how I could incorporate that to my code?
I have tried finding the element by xpath, but my knowledge is kind of limiting me from seeing this work at the moment.
Dave Kreskowiak 1-Feb-21 10:15am
Nope. I already gave you a link that does that very thing, with examples, and I have no use for Selenium myself.

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