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I have a stored procedure that i call with a JSON object of paired values. I can't get it to output to a table what am i doing wrong?

The table should output as a table with two columns, key and value. An example input would be

CALL change_table('{foo:true, dan:3, 44:bill}');

Which would output this
| key         | value                  |
|  foo        | true                   |
|  dan        | 3                      |
|  44         | bill                   |

The code is below

CREATE PROCEDURE change_table(IN data JSON)
DECLARE cvalue VARCHAR(255);

SET ckeys = json_extract(data, '$.`key`');
SET cvalue = json_extract(data, '$.`value`');

INSERT INTO table_1(`key`, `value`)
VALUES (ckeys, cvalue);

END //

What I have tried:

I have Managed to get the function to exist in the database with table plus but there is a new problem. I now get this error
Query 1: Syntax error in JSON text in argument 1 to function 'json_extract' at position 2
Updated 4-Feb-21 6:18am
Matthew Dennis 4-Feb-21 11:37am
CALL change_table('{foo:"true", dan:"3", 44:"bill"}');
Member 15064692 4-Feb-21 11:40am
That part isn't the problem it just keeps saying there is a syntax error. If i use mariadb it says that the error is on line three at '' which doesn't help.

1 solution

Using the Jayway JsonPath evaluator[^], it seems that $.`key` will not match anything in your input document.

From a quick read of the JSONPath syntax[^], it seems that this is looking for a property called key on your JSON object. There is no such property.

The same problem applies to $.`value` - the is no property called value on the object.

I suspect you will need to use JSON_KEYS[^] to extract the keys, and $.* to extract the values. However, I don't have access to a MariaDB instance to test this. Based on the documentation, I suspect you will still end up with a single row in your result table.

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