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I am designing Winforms.....I need curved edges at four corners of groupbox using give some idea ji..

What I have tried:

I need curved edges at four corners of groupbox using
Updated 7-Feb-21 0:49am

You don't have any direct control over how a Groupbox is displayed - there is no "curved edges" option to the delimiting lines.

You have two options: create your own custom control that emulates a Groupbox but with rounded corners, or handle the Paint event and draw them yourself (this may require a derived control: rounded corners will encroach on the space the control uses for it's contained controls, so you may well have to modify quite a few things to get it to work).

This may help: Reference Source[^] - but don't expect this to be a trivial change!
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Member 15028582 9-Feb-21 6:14am    
Actually I went to above Site you mentioned ji...It shows 404 error found..
Member 15028582 9-Feb-21 6:18am    
class CustomGrpBox: GroupBox
public CustomGrpBox()
this.DoubleBuffered = true;
this.BackColor = Color.Transparent;
this.Radious = 25;
this.TitleHatchStyle = HatchStyle.Percent60;
protected override void OnPaint(PaintEventArgs e)
GroupBoxRenderer.DrawParentBackground(e.Graphics, this.ClientRectangle, this);
var rect = ClientRectangle;
using (var path = GetRoundRectagle(this.ClientRectangle, Radious))

if (this.BackColor != Color.Transparent)
using (var brush = new SolidBrush(BackColor))
e.Graphics.FillPath(brush, path);
using (var brush = new HatchBrush(TitleHatchStyle,
TitleBackColor, ControlPaint.Light(TitleBackColor)))
e.Graphics.FillPath(brush, path);

public Color TitleBackColor { get; set; }
public HatchStyle TitleHatchStyle { get; set; }
public int Radious { get; set; }
private GraphicsPath GetRoundRectagle(Rectangle b, int r)
GraphicsPath path = new GraphicsPath();
path.AddArc(b.X, b.Y, r, r, 180, 90);
path.AddArc(b.X + b.Width - r - 1, b.Y, r, r, 270, 90);
path.AddArc(b.X + b.Width - r - 1, b.Y + b.Height - r - 1, r, r, 0, 90);
path.AddArc(b.X, b.Y + b.Height - r - 1, r, r, 90, 90);
return path;
Member 15028582 9-Feb-21 6:19am    
This is my code...Actually I got curved edges but inside the groupbox I need blank space it shows some cross marks fully how to resolve it....Pls give some idea ji

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