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Is it possible to insert any array directly to table using Insert statement

If yes then let me know...

I don't want to create any function ...
i just want to use simple sql query...

You could insert all the elements of a delimiter limited string. However, I don't think that would be of much help.
It would be best to insert the elements of the array one by one into a table.
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No, not as an array of values intended for different rows - SQL doesn't have any concept of arrays, so it won't understand them. It is possible (though a PITA to do this via a string made up of comma delimited values, but that is best done as a stored procedure, rather than by an INSERT statement.

If it is an array of bytes that you want into a varBinary field on the other hand, then yes - pass the array content to SQL as a parameter value and it will work fine. (Exactly how you do that depends on your coding language)
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for that you have to create query like that:
assume you have ArrayList arrList having 5 employeename so you can create query like
string strQuery = "Insert Into YourTableName (YourColumnName) values (";
for(int i=0; i<arrlist.count;i++)>
  strQuery += arrList[i];
      strQuery += ",";

now use this query so that you can insert multiple value in single insert statement.
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RedDk 17-Jan-13 15:27pm    
Big C++ fan myself but the tags are uniquely SQL ... see my solution instead.
This is what I do, regularly and with increasing frequency:
CREATE TABLE [solutionfour].[test].[theanswer](
	[text] [nvarchar](MAX)
CREATE TABLE [solutionfour].[test].[theanswerIdx](
	[idx][int]IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL,
		[text] [nvarchar](MAX)

BULK INSERT [solutionfour].[test].[theanswer] 
	FROM 'C:\arrayMine.txt'							
		WITH (

INSERT INTO [solutionfour].[test].[theanswerIdx]
	SELECT [text] FROM [solutionfour].[test].[theanswer]

Then go to work. See help for TSQL string commands and info on casting and converting as needed ...

Any further questions?
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The relational model itself is dealing with multi-value attributes. Most of the relational database management systems are targeting the 3NF[^]. But not all, Firebird for example is supporting array data types[^].
SQL Server is not supporting such data type, but if you really need it, you can use several tools to emulate this feature. This is a really good collection of them:[^]
I, for myself would prefer the XML approach.
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