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I am using Crystal Report IN MVC 5 but it throw an error that is.

1. Make a simple file test.rpt with using of Repository and want to show only PartyCode and PartyName
2. Following is code in action:

using CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine;
using System;
using System.Data;
using System.Data.SqlClient;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.IO;
using System.Linq;
using System.Web;
using System.Web.Mvc;
using LogisticMVC.ClassCollections;
namespace LogisticMVC.Controllers
public class CRController : Controller
// GET: CR
clsCommon cls = new clsCommon();
public ActionResult ManifestPrint(int ManifestNo)

ReportDocument rd = new ReportDocument();

DataTable dt = new DataTable();
DataSet ds = new DataSet();
string astr = "";
astr = "Select * from PartyMaster where AccountGroup=2";
dt = new DataTable();
dt = cls.FillDataTable(astr);
dt.TableName = "ConsigneeParty";
Response.Buffer = false;
Stream stream =
stream.Seek(0, SeekOrigin.Begin);
return File(stream, "application/pdf", "test.pdf");

Now following is error on "rd.SetDataSource(ds)"

An exception of type 'CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine.DataSourceException' occurred in CrystalDecisions.ReportAppServer.DataSetConversion.dll but was not handled in user code

Additional information: Error in File test 2480_12748_{ADE96ED9-02AE-42F9-A1C3-CD6458953B01}.rpt:

Failed to load database information.

In web.config, there is only only setting found e.g.
<assemblyidentity name="CrystalDecisions.Shared" publickeytoken="692fbea5521e1304" culture="neutral">
<bindingredirect oldversion="" newversion="13.0.4000.0">

I have Used Nuget to add crystal reprot.

What I have tried:

checked table etc. but not found any solution.
plz help
Updated 8-Feb-21 7:00am

1 solution

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Amit Sharma (Patna) 8-Feb-21 12:50pm    
Sir, Thanking you for your reply.
But in datasource, i m setting a dataset having one or more than one datatable. Is it now required to set DB Logon?
thatraja 8-Feb-21 22:58pm    
Your report uses typed dataset(without database) way?

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