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So my procedure should add a row to the table INSÄTTNING. Some keys are reference keys. When the row has been inserted it should take P_BELOPP and subtract it with SALDO which is in another table called KONTO. The new amount should be added into that column and replace the old amount. I get that SALDO must be declared error. Would it even work as i intend? Hope its pretty understandable :)

What I have tried:

create or replace procedure do_insättning(
p_radnr in insättning.radnr%type,
p_pnr in insättning.pnr%type,
p_knr in insättning.knr%type,
p_belopp in insättning.belopp%type,
p_datum in insättning.datum%type) 
insert into insättning(radnr,pnr,knr) 
values(select radnr from kontoägare,select pnr from bankkund, select knr from konto);
insert into insättning(belopp,datum)
update konto 
set konto.saldo = konto.saldo - p_belopp
where kontoägare.radnr = p_radnr; 
dbms_output.put_line('Saldo: '||''||saldo);
CHill60 9-Feb-21 7:46am
You are treating saldo as a variable when in fact it is a column on your table. Try something like (nb untested)
...set konto.saldo = konto.saldo - p_beloppwhere 
kontoägare.radnr = p_radnr; 
declare saldo number;saldo = (select kont.saldo from konto where kontoägare.radnr = p_radnr); 
dbms_output.put_line('Saldo: '||''||saldo);
Hugo Nilsson 9-Feb-21 9:06am
I tried it and tried to modify it aswell without any luck :(
CHill60 9-Feb-21 9:14am
Same error message? Even after declaring it?
Hugo Nilsson 9-Feb-21 9:33am
No another error:
Line/Col: 13/7 PLS-00103: Encountered the symbol "=" when expecting one of the following: constant exception <an identifier="">


Line/Col: 13/52 PLS-00103: Encountered the symbol ";" when expecting one of the following:

) , and or
CHill60 9-Feb-21 12:40pm
And what is in line 13 in your new query because in the code you have shared it says update konto - no '=' or ';'
I do notice in the code in the comment I posted two lines have merged into one - the declare saldo number; is meant to be on one line and then the saldo = ... etc on the next.
I may have the syntax for declaring the variable slightly wrong - check the documentation for your version of Oracle
Jörgen Andersson 10-Feb-21 3:55am
When you set a variable you need to use :=
Earlier versions of Oracle's PL/SQL language were based on the Ada language syntax and structure.
Hugo Nilsson 10-Feb-21 5:26am
I tried that and it still dont work
Gerry Schmitz 9-Feb-21 13:33pm
One typically doesn't store "derived" values in a database; one calculates them at run / report time. Imagine a transaction error (without a rollback): all your "numbers" are now out of sync.
Hugo Nilsson 10-Feb-21 6:16am
I hear you sir but this is a school task so we are just training :)
Gerry Schmitz 10-Feb-21 10:21am
One can learn to do it right in the first place. Or not ... and blame it on "schooling".
Hugo Nilsson 10-Feb-21 11:49am
I really thought this forum was serious. Turns out it wasn't. You haven't been trying to help you've just been rude

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