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Im writing a WORD procedure that fills in fields of a Word Template. In the Template document, after the header, there are 2 Textcolumns. Column 1 contains a Table, with a column break after the Table, and Column 2 is plain text. My question is: How do I set a Range variable to the 2nd Textcolumn?

I know I am doing something wrong but do not know what.

(A solution in C# is acceptable but VB.NET is preferred)

What I have tried:

Doing a Insertafter the last row of the Table in Column 1 and trying to get to column 2

Dim txtCol As Word.TextColumn
txtCol = oDoc.Range.PageSetup.TextColumns(2)
Updated 11-Feb-21 7:09am

1 solution

If i understand you well...

I'd refer to range occupied by table, then select range till the end of document range, then loop through the collection of paragraphs. But(!) i have no idea how to get information about column number, which is not in table ;(

Option Explicit

Sub SelectTextDownToTable1()
    Dim rng As Range
    Dim p As Paragraph
    Set rng = ThisDocument.Tables(1).Range
    rng.Start = rng.End + 1
    rng.End = ThisDocument.Range.End
    For Each p In rng.Paragraphs
        Debug.Print Selection.Information(wdSelectionMode)
    Next p
End Sub

Range.Tables property (Word) | Microsoft Docs[^]
Range.GoTo method (Word) | Microsoft Docs[^]
WdGoToItem enumeration (Word) | Microsoft Docs[^]
Range.Information property (Word) | Microsoft Docs[^]
WdInformation Enum (Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word) | Microsoft Docs[^]
fluffy3 12-Feb-21 5:17am
Thanks. I assume 'go to end of range' is Collapse. I am not sure about go to next paragraph.
fluffy3 12-Feb-21 7:14am
Thanks for your help. I found a solution that was so simple. Since I have control of the Template, I put a bookmark in column 2. I then used the following code:

Dim BookmarkName As String = "Column2"
Dim rngBookmark As Word.Range

rngBookmark = oDoc.Bookmarks(BookmarkName).Range
rngBookmark.Text = "This is Column 2"

I will use your solution if I do not have control of the template.

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