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Write a program that inputs five integers in two arrays each. It declares a function that accepts four parameters. The first parameter is the first array, the second parameter is the second array, the third parameter is the third array and The fourth parameter is the length of the arrays. The function adds the corresponding values of the first two arrays and stores the result in the Figure-A the corresponding element of the third array. The main function finally displays the values of all arrays. (Length of all arrays must be same)

What I have tried:

This is my exam question. Please help me.
Updated 12-Feb-21 20:14pm
Rick York 13-Feb-21 15:26pm
I would be happy to help you. I am not interested in doing your work for you. The last thing the world needs is another incompetent programmer. If you can't manage to do this then your competency is definitely in question. If you can't even start then there is no question.

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