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I want to combine all duplicates in my SQL table
1	 1            op1          1        
2	 1            op1          1
3	 2            op2          1
4	 2            op2          1
5	 2            op4          1
6	 1            op1          1

my result shows duplicates in months and Operators. Here 1 and 2 are the date (months) column and op1 is the operators. I want to combine for instance, in month 1, opt1 has 3 and in month 2 op2 has 2 and op4 has only 1. The above statement is executed and this is what I get from it.
How can I remove duplicates from my table that have the same values across my table I tried many sql statements but still have not been able to figure this out? I would appreciate any help to figure this out

What I have tried:

SELECT Month(Date) as [Date], Operator, COUNT(*) FROM tbl_xxxxxx
GROUP BY Date, Operator
ORDER BY Operator
Updated 16-Feb-21 2:43am
Maciej Los 16-Feb-21 6:15am
What do you mean by "duplicates"?

1 solution

How can I remove duplicates from my table that have the same values across my table

If you would like to delete duplicates based on date and operator, you can try this:
  SELECT id, MONTH([Date]) m, ROW_NUMBER() OVER (PARTITION BY Operator, MONTH([Date]) ORDER BY id) rn
  FROM foo
) h ON = 
WHERE h.rn >1;

After query execution, your source table will contain "unique" values:
Id 	Date 	Operator
1 	2021-01-01 	op1
3 	2021-02-01 	op2
5 	2021-02-03 	op4


Note: i was asking you about the definition of duplicates. Until now, you didn't explain that. So, this is my best guess.

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