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I have newly created an MVC.NET application using the template in Visual Studio 2019. This runs fine in my local IIS (built into VS) but when I deploy to my live server, I get a couple of 500 errors.

The offending files are an image that I have placed in the \Content directory and favicon.ico in the root of the website.

I followed the advice in the first answer on this SO page (c# - How to publish ASP.NET MVC site with File Zilla using FTP - Stack Overflow[^]). This advised publishing to a local folder and then FTP-ing everything in there up to the live server. Unfortunately, I still get the error.

As you can probably guess, I am new to MVC.NET, so any advice would be most welcome.

- Patrick

What I have tried:

I have checked and both files - \favicon.ico and \Content\MyImage.jpg - are being copied as part of the local publish and are then correctly transferred to the live site via FTP.

I have also viewed the source for the live page and this appears to be correct:

<img src="/Content/MyImage.jpg">
<link rel="icon" href="/favicon.ico" type="image/x-icon">
Updated 14-Jun-21 21:42pm
F-ES Sitecore 18-Feb-21 9:46am    
What are the 500 errors you're getting? A missing icon or image won't create 500 errors.
Patrick Skelton 19-Feb-21 2:40am    
I'm just getting the general 500 error 'Internal Server Error'. Thing is the files are not missing. I've checked and treble-checked that they are in the same place as the HTML reference, and since these are all relative to site-root, I really don't see how the files can cause a problem.

1 solution

It seems the answer to this is extremely simple. Publish to a local folder on your machine and then use FTP to put the contents of this folder on the web server.

I have an excellent program called SyncBackSE which will watch a directory for changes and do the second step automatically. Thus I end up with a one-step deployment.

As a plus, I get a local copy of a deployment on a given day which is dead easy to back-up, for belt-'n'-braces safety.

This idea was given to me in the following post and this does work despite the unrelated problems I was having in my original question above: c# - How to publish ASP.NET MVC site with File Zilla using FTP - Stack Overflow[^] )

Hope this helps someone.

- Patrick
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