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i have few lines to tell
1. when you gave me the code i used it in a separate project it successfully run. everything was just fine as i wanted . but when used with arrays[array with large deta( with just 50 columns and 100 rows)] it collapsed. why. there were no scroll bars visible on the form .if scroll bars were visible i could drag them to the extreme to view all deta. i have used your full code as you mentioned the dgv exceeded the borders of the form
i have not changed any property except the anchor property was set to top,left,bottom,right

What I have tried:

i told everything in the detail section of the question .
Updated 19-Feb-21 6:54am

In the design view of your main form, select the DataGridView, then in the Properties page set Anchor to Top, Left and Dock to Fill.
Member 12712527 19-Feb-21 4:17am
sir you say using dock property is problematic
Richard MacCutchan 19-Feb-21 5:17am
I cannot guess what that means. Please think about what you need to say, and provide full details.
RickZeeland 19-Feb-21 12:47pm
That was my advice, I prefer not to use Dock as I had some problems with it in the past.
Richard MacCutchan 19-Feb-21 12:55pm
I ran a test earlier and it seems to do what is necessary. But I have never tried a DGV with more than about 10 columns.
RickZeeland 19-Feb-21 13:04pm
The problems I encountered were with a datagridview placed in a usercontrol. I also think Anchor is easier to use when you want other controls like e.g. Buttons aligned next or under the datagridview. But all this might be a personal preference of course :)
Richard MacCutchan 19-Feb-21 15:23pm
Well despite what the documentation may say, everyone's experience seems to be different. But that is all part of the fun. :)
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